Evidence-based decision-making has become necessary for good governance. PMRU is a giant leap forward towards achieving this goal. Using the latest digital technologies, this unit manages performance using data and improves service delivery, accountability, and transparency. The goal is to make the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan effective and efficient. Our focus at PMRU is to improve the functioning of all departments of the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan through quantified performance management. Detailed SMART KPIs have been developed and will ensure that each department’s performance is accurately captured and then improved. In addition, we are also working on independent monitoring of developmental works using the latest tools so as to ensure their timely completion and compliance with prescribed specifications. The PMRU also spearheads reforms to improve the overall functioning of the Government in particular e-governance applications. We have already designed solutions for Tourism Promotion, KPIs monitoring, ADP management, etc. More tools are being designed in-house to make the functioning of the government smarter, inshaAllah!

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