Empowering Women For Sustainable Futrues

Objectives: In Ghizer's scenic beauty, the collaborative initiative by the Women Development Department Gilgit Baltistan, Shedev, and KADO aims to...
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Life Skills Enhancement and Development Program

Under the patronage of the Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan, the Education Department initiated the Life Skills Enhancement and Development Program...
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School Meal (Khana) Program In Gilgit-Baltistan

Introduction: In a praiseworthy endeavor, the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan takes proactive measures against malnutrition through the impactful School Khana Program....
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Introducing Computer, STEAM, & Entrepreneurship Education In Government Schools

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Empowering Education With Solar Energy

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Rehabilitation Of Flood Affected Schools In Diamer

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Education Reforms Initiatives in GB 2023-24

S#Reform InitiativesCostProgress
1Hiring of 1000 Education Fellows2.19 billionBills for mobilization submitted to AGPR
2Transformation of 178 schools into smart schools through SCO400 millionAgreement has been signed
3Transformation of another 200 schools400 millionCourt case
4Transformation of 55 schools into smart schools500 million25 schools have been completed
5Transformation of 130 schools into smart schools17 millionInstallation of equipment has been done
6Teachers training through AKU-PDCN4.8 million300 teachers completed one week training
7Construction of 25 additional classrooms prefabricated structur68 million10 classrooms  completed & release for 15 is awaiting
8Extension of the project STEM, Entrepreneurship & Computer Education74 millionExtended for another year w.e.f 1st September 2023
937 LMS labs in High Schools115 millionCompleted one year and extension case is pending
10 Meal Program100 million52 schools101 to cover total (36, 30, 35)85+ 16
11Solarization of 181 Schools263 million20 schools have been completed.
12Public Speaking Classes at schools & Colleges10 million95 %  completed
Donors Supported Projects
1Pakages Limited5.00 million5 smart school completed
2Customs Collectorate2.85 million3 smart schools completed
3OGDCL10.00 million3 schools completed
4Forest Department20 millionLEDs 65 ‘and Servers will be provided to 50 schools
5Asia Foundationmillion10 smart schools completed
6FBISE0.5 million300 teachers got training through PDCN
Total4.12 billion

Education Reforms Initiatives 2022-23

S#Reforms Initiatives CostStatus
1UNESCO Project for the flood affected Schools in Diamer50,000 USD9 flood damaged schools rehabilitated
2Establishment of 300 IT lab in Middle and High Schools.150 million300 IT labs established with bare minimum requirements of the labs.
3Establishment of Makerspaces in 50 schools.24 million50 Makerspaces established.
4KIPS Campuses GBGilgit, Nagaer, Diamer18 million (Donation by AWT & WAPDA)2200 students got tuition classes
5Introduction of STEM, Entrepreneurship and Computer Education74 million100 Education Fellows hired and taught the curriculum in 200 schools Project extended for 2023-24
6Teachers Training 0f 1200 teachers30 million1200 teachers and Principals have been trained.
7Training of 180 Principals in PDCN0.3 million180 teachers trained with the support of FBISE
8Training of 35 Master Trainers through American Board of Certification0.15 million 
9MoU with Cambridge has been signedFor Collaboration/support in Education 
10MoU signed with NCAOne block handed over for operationsLand will be transferred soon
 MoU signed with NUSTNUST Campus opend in Gilgit 
11LoU signed with READ FoundationWaiting for their response 
12LoU signed with CEFTrained 04 Students CounsellorsThey are providing training to teachers