Education Reforms Initiatives in GB 2023-24.

S#Reform InitiativesCostProgress
1Hiring of 1000 Education Fellows2.19 billionAgreement has been signed on August 1, 2023
2Transformation of 200 schools into smart schools398.02 millionTechnical evaluation of the bidders has been done
3Transformation of 55 schools into smart schools500 millionConstruction of prefabricated classrooms will be completed by August 15, 2023LMS equipment has been procured
4Transformation of 130 schools into smart schools17 millionMoFE team is in the field to installation and will be completed by August 8, 2023
5Transformation of 03 schools into smart schools through Customs Collectorate2.8 millionEquipment detail has been provided to Customs
6Teachers training through AKU-PDCN4.8 million1st cohort comprising 50 primary teachers’ training will ended on August 7, 2023Likewise 250 more teachers will be trained in District Diamer & Skardu in continuation
7Construction of 25 additional classrooms in 4 schools in DiamerADP missing facilitiesWill be completed in September
8LMS in 5 additional schools5 millionGBRSP will award the project to GBTechives by August 5, 2023.
9Extension of the project of 100 Techfellows74 million (2022-23)Rupani Foundation and GBRSP will finalize by August 10, 2023.
1037 LMS labs in High Schools115 millionIn progress being fully functional
11 Meal Program100 million52 schools101 to cover total (36, 30, 35)85+ 16
12Solarization of 181 Schools236 millionMobilization release has been given in June 2023.
13Public Speaking Classes at schools & Colleges10 millionWill be completed by October 15, 2023
S#Reforms Initiatives StatusTargets/ Deadline
1Construction of 25 additional classrooms and washrooms in GB.10 classrooms completed 
2UNESCO Project for the flood affected Schools in DiamerCompleted 
3Smart School Project in Diamer through WAPDACost estimates have been shared with WAPDAWAPDA has written to their HQ for formal approval and further processNo progress
4Establishment of 300 IT lab in Middle and High Schools.Completed 
5Establishment of Makerspaces in 50 schools.Completed 
6KIPS Gilgit CampusCompleted 
7KIPS ChilasCompleted 
8Introduction of STEM, Entrepreneurship and Computer Education in 200 schoolsCompletedExtension order will be issued in September
9Introduction of LMS in 34 SchoolsCompleted    
10Public Speaking Classes at  schools5 schools completedRemaining schools will be completed by October 2023
11Establishment of blended learning technology hubs in 05 schoolsProject deleted due to status quo issue 
12Teachers Training 0f 1200 teachersCompleted 
13Training of 50 Principals in PDCNCompleted 
14Training of 60 Student CounsellorsCompleted 
15Training of  35 Master Trainers through American Board of CertificationCompleted   
16MoU with Cambridge has been signedFor Collaboration/support in Education 
17MoU signed with NCAOne block handed over for operationsLand will be transferred soon
18LoU signed with READ FoundationWaiting for their response 
19LoU signed with Character Education FoundationTrained 04 Students Counsellors 
Education Reforms Initiatives in GB 2023-24.

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